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Initiative’s Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) – smart metering solution is available to convert your existing meters into smart meters. Our AMR metering solutions Manufacturer in india solutions let you automatically collect consumption, diagnostic and status data from your electric meter, water meter and gas devices and then transfer that data to a central database or cloud server for billing and analysis Automatic Meter Reading is an optimized concept based on different communication like RF, GSM /GPRS Modem & LoRa for Automatic /Remote communication.


Any distributed instruments/devices ( Such as Energy Meter, Flow Meter, Gas Meter, PLC etc) having RS485, RS232, USB or Ethernet port can interface with transmitter and transmit the data wirelessly to central receiver .The transmitter data can also be send on secure cloud network via GPRS. For AMR, we offer industry-leading wireless modules that read and store data at residential and commercial meters and at distribution points within utility networks.In line we make the mobile, handheld and network products that allow you to retrieve the data from these modules, to bring it into your information and control systems.


SMR100-2 The SMR100-GSM/GPRS based series of products are an industrial class, high reliability, high stability devices use for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR). It can support to collect data from distributed devices over RS485/RS232/USB/Ethernet port and send it to cloud by using GPRS or central station via by using GSM-SMS. It embedded 32-Bit High Performance Microcontroller MCU, inbuilt industrial Cellular module and industrial communication port such as RS485 port for Modbus communication to Device, PLC etc. Or RS232, USB and Ethernet to collect data from external device.

SMR102 Receiver

SMR102_receiver Main Features :
- Receives data from distributed transmitters on pre-configured
- Intervals and send to Computer/ PLC over USB.
- Quad band 850/900/1800/1900Mhz GSM Module inside.
- Work with any network provider like Airtel, Vodafone, Jio etc.
- Can be operated from anywhere, no distance limitation.
- Operates on wide range input AC supply 110-240VAC.
- Support to Configure transmitters remotely by SMS.
- Can check device status from anywhere, no distance limitation.
- Industrial class metal shell design suitable for industrial   applications.
- On device Antenna
- Optional Wired Antenna for better signal Quality.
- LED indication for power ON & data transmit/receive.
- Bar LED indication for GSM Signal strength

SMR103 Transmitter

SMR103_transmitter Main Features :
- Remote device ON/OFF by using Mobile App. or SMS Command.
- Potential free relay contact outputs.
- GSM/GPRS interface for SMS based system or cloud based system interface.
- GPIO support for Digital IO or Analog IO interface.
- Supported interfaces: RS232, RS485, Ethernet, USB
- Can be customized for data acquisition for any customized protocols over RS485 or RS232.
- Optional USB interface for data downloading from logger for further analysis.
- Operates on wide range input AC supply 110-240VAC.
- Operating temperature range -25°C to 85°C
- Industrial class metal shell design suitable for industrial applications.
- IP rated industrial class enclosure(Optional)can be available.
- Data saving option in SD card
- LED indication for power ON & data transmit/receive.
- Bar LED indication for GSM Signal strength.


  • Lowers the cost of meter reading. No manpower required to capture reading manually.
  • There will not be distance limitation, meter data can be monitored from any location within India.
  • Provides real-time billing information, reducing estimated readings and re-billing costs
  • Reduces billing errors and disputes
  • Enables flexible reading schedules, eliminating delays in summary billing of commercial accounts
  • Accuracy of data monitored in terms of time and value.
  • Increases cash flow by allowing quarterly or semi-monthly accounts to be converted to monthly billing
  • Monitors tampering and theft
  • Promotes energy conservation and customer savings with time-of-use consumption
  • Customised reports for analysis of logged data.
  • Industry standard RS-485 Modbus Interface
  • Client will have access to full reporting information on each meter, including :
    • Unique meter number
    • Daily updated meter consumption
    • Meter maximum monthly demand, updated every month
    • Graphical profile data, updated daily
    • Historical usage figures
    • Tariff information
    • Total rand value of energy and water consumption and demand per meter
    • Further customisations can be integrated into the system based on specific client requirements.

Typical Applications

  • Automatic Meter readings (Electricity, Gas, Water meters, etc )
  • IOT/IIOT Application
  • Energy Auditing
  • Power Distribution and automatic load control..
  • Home automation Tariff Switching and automatic load control
  • Tariff Switching and automatic load control
  • Industrial Automation
Catalogue Datasheet
AMR Catalogue SMR102 datasheet
  SMR103 datasheet

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