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Future-proof your embedded systems for next-gen customer experience. For new product development or re-engineering legacy software, we shape technologies adding right value to your vision. Resulting in faster go-to-market for embedded software product life cycle & help you stay competitive. While the hardware provides the powerful resources, it is the intelligence of the Embedded Software which unleashes the power of the underlying hardware. Our architects and engineers understand the importance of the Embedded Software and adopts innovate ways to make it power efficient, memory optimized, feature rich and future ready.


 SNS develop custom embedded software for wide range Microcontroller(MCU) and digital signal processors . Our engineering experience include but not limited to ARM7 ,Cortex-m0,cortex-m3,ARM9,AVR,MSP430,Micropchip Renesas,fujitsu,firmware development.A large amount of successfully completed embedded software projects allows us to high quality embedded software development outsourcing services.Our engineers possess extensive knowledge of hardware,operating system, low level diagnostics and performance tools giving us an edge over competitions.
SNS Software Services includes-
• Firmware and diagnostics
• OS porting /customisation/ Enhancement services
• RTOS:uCOS ,ThreadX,Free RTOS
• feature enhancement for existing system
• Development of board support packages and device drivers for various reference design and new BSPs for new processor /boards
• Enhancement for BSP software for specific boards.
• Porting of application on to different operating system
• Porting from 8-bit/16-bit controllers to 32 bit Microcontroller
• Complete software application development and integration.
• Development of device drivers,protocol stacks ,system interface.
• Logical and physical drivers supporting various layer of protocol stack for embedded application
• Codes:MP3,WiFi,GPRS/GSM,ZigBee,RFID,USB,Ethernet,DSP algorithms.
• Custom backend application development
• Testing Services
• System level testing, application testing,Middle-ware testing,BSP and Driver testing
• Our embedded expertise cover application development and organization over wide range of platform. Competencies in optimization of code and real time multi threaded application development allows us to optimized software against speed / memory limitation and real time performance requirements for wide range of products


• Firmware for Low Power Micro-controllers
    • --Sensors, I/Os, peripherals/hardware protocols
• Firmware for Connectivity chipsets
    • --Bluetooth low energy, Zigbee, GPRS etc
• BSP and Drivers
• RTOS and Linux Solutions
• Middleware and Frameworks
• IP development Solutions
• Porting and Migration of Legacy Software