Smart Device Control

Smart Device controller (SDC 200) is available to control remote unit/machine such as Compressor, DG, Furnace, CNC machine etc. The controller has 2 potential free SPDT relay outputs that can be used to remotely ON or OFF the instruments.
SDC 200 has cellular interface for remotely sending SMS commands or cloud based commands. The unit has digital Inputs interface to sense feedback from instruments for valid command execution.
The unit also offers analog input channels, analog output channels, digital inputs and outputs,  RS-232 or RS-485, USB, and Ethernet (Optional) interfaces.

DSC_7088 Main Features :
- Remote device ON/OFF by using Mobile App. or SMS Command.
- Potential free relay contact outputs.
- GSM/GPRS interface for SMS based system or cloud based system interface.
- GPIO support for Digital IO or Analog IO interface.
- Supported interfaces: RS232, RS485, Ethernet, USB
- Can be customized for data acquisition for any customized protocols over RS485   or RS232.
- Optional USB interface for data downloading from logger for further analysis.
- Operates on wide range input AC supply 110-240VAC.
- Operating temperature range -25°C to 85°C
- Industrial class metal shell design suitable for industrial applications.
- IP rated industrial class enclosure(Optional)can be available.
- Data saving option in SD card
- LED indication for power ON & data transmit/receive.
- Bar LED indication for GSM Signal strength.

Typical Application:

  • Industrial machine remote control. Remotely switch ON/OFF (such as Industrial Pump, Industrial Compressor, Chillier etc.)
  • Water management and control
  • Solar and wind power management and control etc.
Catalogue Datasheet
SDC200 Catalogue SDC200 datasheet