Bar code based Asset Tracking Systems

The manufacturing sector in industrial and automotive industry is known for its technological adoption. The pace at which this industry adopts technologies becomes trend for other sectors. With its fast paced evolution, it’s now on the verge of a new era with Industry 4.0 and IoT adoption. At SNS TECHNOSYS, we understand the importance of technology in industrial and automotive industry processes and hence we have complete range of solutions starting from automation of tracking of manufacturing operations and finally streamlining warehouses and supply chain. Moving beyond standard solutions, SNS brings power of Factory Automation solutions to enable our customers in achieving digitization of information in most efficient and organized way. Our in-depth knowledge of industrial operations helps us in selecting the best combination of hardware and software to integrate with customer system or build independent system which giving an end-to-end solution. Be it tracking and tracing or supply chain or quality inspection or product profiling or vehicle tracking, we have full range of solutions for almost every process area to move our customers closer to digitization of information leading to adoption of standards like Industry 4.0.