We Deliver More

SNS TECHNOSYS is a engineering services and automation product manufacturing company that focuses on driving a differentiated customer experience, accelerating cycle time and improving business outcomes through the integration of  an  automation models. SNS TECHNOSYS provides value-driven services and solutions to its customers by leveraging its offerings in automation product engineering, embedded development, component engineering, software  development and management. These services are applicable across industries including industrial, automotive, telecom, building automation and EMS. Through our customer-centric and collaborative approach, we have been able to create engagement models that delivers cost and time reduction in projects and product while maintaining the highest engineering quality and standards. Our innovation-driven development approach and thought leadership in various domains give us an edge over our competition. We also focus on undertaking turnkey automation projects and committed to satisfy customer by providing robust embedded solutions. SNS backs its products with a technical team that is dedicated to providing its customers the highest level of technical support and customer service.

Our Culture

We believe that working principles are central to organizations as well as to client’s success. Innovation, integrity, commitment and transparency are embedded in our DNA, and this helps us in promoting a sincere customer service culture. We provide our people with opportunities to grow and be more creative while maintaining work-life balance and this allows them to remain self-motivated and committed professionals. Our leadership has created an inclusive culture as we engage with team and market, which eventually brings openness, knowledge sharing and innovation in our daily work life. This ongoing commitment by leadership helps in improving customer experience throughout the customer journey.