Data Logger Manufacturer in India

SNS Technosys is one of the best Data Logger Manufacturer in India. Use our Data logger system to monitor and record digital signals like temperature, Humidity, etc.

Initiative has the most complete selection of data logging equipment, with mix of standard and customised engineered solutions. With data loggers from 1 to 9 of channels we can record temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, voltage, current, resistance and other digital signals, in connection with serial (RS-232/RS-485), USB and Ethernet (Optional) devices.
We also offer data acquisition and control systems with analog input channels, analog output channels, digital inputs and outputs,  RS-232, RS-485, USB Ethernet (Optional) interfaces.
Our development capabilities include custom data acquisition and data logging systems, field instruments, and portable data collection systems.

DSC_7413 Main Features :
- Support serial port RS485/RS232 for data acquisition/logging   over Modbus or any other portal
- Can be customised for data acquisition for any customized   protocols.
- Measures temperature,current,pressure,flow,voltage and more .
- Reading data from any kind of   meters(water,electricity,gas,cooling,heat etc..)
- Data scanning interval of min. 1 sec .Further scanning interval can   be customized as per application need .
- USB interface for data downloading from logger for further   analysis.
- GPIO Support for digital IO or analog IO interface.
- Potential free relay contact outputs
- Operates on wide range inputs AC supply 110-240VAC
- Operating temperature range -25°C to 85°C
- Industrial class metal shell design suitable for industrial application.
- IP rated industrial class enclosure (optional) can be available
- Data saving option in SD card
- LED indication for power ON and data transmit/receive
- GSM/GPRS optional interface for SMS based system or cloud based system interface
- Bar LED indication for GSM signal strength(optional)

Our team have the expertise in following Applications

  • Remote data-logging
  • Cellular based temperature monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Cold room monitoring
  • Hospital and surgical clean rooms
  • Cold room data-logging
  • Tank monitoring
  • Remote water level and flow monitoring
Catalogue Datasheet
SMR101 Catalogue SMR101 datasheet
SDLC400 Catalogue SDLC400 datasheet

SNS Technosys is the leading Data Logger Manufacturer in India. Contact us to build the right solutions for your business.