PCB Layout

 SNS TECHNOSYS focus on medium to high complexity printed circuit board design solutions that meet or exceed all of our customer electrical and mechanical constraints. We have established standards for acceptance and delivery which results in faster turnaround time with least error. We are the one stop solutions for all your PCB Design, PCB proto fabrication support in India and PCB layout services in PUNE India. Our PCB Design environment uses best in industry tools like Mentor Graphics and Cadence for design capture, PCB layout and PCB design analysis. We are customer centric and deliver high quality multi layer high-speed PCB designs, taking into consideration of real-world manufacturing (DFM) and test requirements(DFT). Client can use our service for an end to end PCB layout design services or for working in collaboration with their team. SNS have long standing relationship with repute PCB fabrication and assembly house as well as component vendors. This enables us to supports the customers for quick prototyping and manufacturing requirement.
PCB Design Capabilities Includes:
• High degree of expertise in high speed PCB designs.
• High speed digital, analog, mixed digital/analog, RF designs.
• Multilayer PCB layout design (10 layers), ultra high density designs.
• Impedance controlled designs, stack-up and material selection.
• Standards compliant (IPC, UL, MIL, DO-254) designs as per customer specifications.
• EMI/EMC protection.
• Multiple fine pitch BGA (0.5mm) of high pin count (1136).
• Pre-route and post-route Signal Integrity Analysis, IBIS Model Creation.
• Design for Testability (DFT), Manufacturability (DFM) and serviceability.
• Mechanically constrained PCB.
• 3D-Models of electronics components, PCB assemblies and enclosure.
• Library Services, Re-Engineering and Design support Services.
• Manufacturing verification service.
• Generating reports on individual board characteristics against manufacturing specifications.
• Extensive DRC solutions, Gerber editing capabilities and netlist extraction.
• Penalization or board array configuration with maximum usages.